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The Estate


The search for a Large, Secluded, but Conveniently located land, in the "Heart" of Phuket, began in 2012.


In spite of inspecting numerous sites over a 4 year period, spanning both the eastern and western shores, this Beautiful and Spiritual Land, “found us”, in 2015.


With it's Incredible, Captivating Energy, we immediately knew, this Magnificent property would become the Ultimate, "One-of-a-Kind" Estate in Phuket, we had been Dreaming of ... The Vanderbilt Estate.


With the owner’s first-hand prior experience of building a Landmark Georgian House in London, supported by the highly dedicated and detail-oriented architect from London, the Journey began.


Our eminent architect is widely accepted as an expert of Georgian architecture and regularly consulted by authorities for works related to renowned Heritage properties in the United Kingdom.


 The vision of the owner was to build an authentic Georgian Mansion, with some Colonial aspects, to embrace the tropical weather conditions in Phuket. Further, the Estate was to house numerous gardens and take advantage of the Magnificent and Unending Views.


It was important for The Estate, to “feel” like it’s been here for over a Hundred Years, with Character and History.


To achieve this, antique teak floorboards, hand-baked terracotta tiles, natural fabrics and furnishings, a collection of antique rugs, paintings, sculptures and more, were employed.

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