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The Gardens

The vision was to create a “Shangri-La” …. with Dream-like settings of discovery, to transport one to a by-gone era. 

The Estate has 8 gardens, each one quite different to the other; through the ingenious efforts of the architect, each garden has been carefully designed, paying particular homage to symmetry and the well-established classical “orders”.


The Main Lawn

This 2,500 Square Meters of the Beautifully Manicured Lawn, has hosted Croquet, Weddings, Events and much, much more.


The English Flower Garden

This was quite a challenge to create, considering the extreme, tropical weather conditions of Phuket, with heavy rainfalls and a very strong sun. It took over 6 years of collecting and testing plants, from various regions of Thailand, to identify plants that would survive and thrive, in the weather conditions of Phuket.

After 6 years, we finally had our "English Flower Garden".

The Formal Garden

This is home to the Pavilion (which has grown to become a Landmark of the Estate) and the Amphitheatre, in addition to our Charming Flower Beds.

This is a lovely area to have  Weddings, Opera Performances and so much more.


The Park

The Vanderbilt Estate would not feel complete, without a Park, a Lake, with Rowboats and Swans, where one could have picnics, row boats, read a book, or just Dream …..

We scoured different regions of Thailand to collect an interesting variety of trees, that would grace the park.


Japanese Koi Pond

As it's widely known, Water and Fish, bring Calm, Serenity, Good Health and Prosperity, we just had to create a "Secret" Japanese Garden, with a pond and Koi Fish.

This Japanese Garden, with its Quaint Wooden Bridge, Waterfalls and a Highly Unusual "Spiritual  Tree", is an area of Serenity and Charm.

unnamed (4).jpg

The Buddha Garden

The idea for this garden was inspired by a visit by the owner, in 2012, to the Amazing Sukhothai Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sukhothai, which literally  means 'Dawn of Happiness'. This was the capital of the Kingdom of Siam, for some 200 years, from the 13th Century.

It was here, amongst the Temple Ruins, where the owner had the good fortune of experiencing the most enchanting and mesmerising image of the Buddha.


The Rock Garden

Inspired by Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain, in Wiltshire, England, together with the natural crystalised stones from our land, the Rock Garden emerged, together with a classical Greek Temple.

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